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  • Reviewed by: lmz1990525  on: 2016-07-27T12:36:51
    i need help,i want to find a person.
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  • Reviewed by: vividus  on: 2016-07-10T20:52:45
    I am so sick of the place. they never pay attention to my orders. I can't eat spicey food and I order everything from the menu here on line. Thi stime I ordered 2 items not asked for not spicey and for 8:30 I got there 20 mins early and my order was sitting there already. he was in such a rush he didnt even pay attention to the order. I drive 20 mins back home get ready for sleep and go to eat and now I have no dinner. I work at 4 am and cant go somewhere else now. I am so pissed. I called and they say " you ordered wrong. " I have print out from internet. what a waste of time and money
  • Reviewed by: becca41  on: 2016-06-15T11:24:25
    Best food, best atmosphere and best servers! Great online advertisement making it easy to order anything on their menu. I would like to know the names of the meals shown on the home page. Their banquet service is 5 stars; lots of good food!Rebecca Rodgers
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  • Reviewed by: junwang4502  on: 2016-06-02T04:27:21
    how are you!we make the chopsticks,others.please contact with us!thnaks
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