• Reviewed by: jnetea  on: 2018/7/17 18:07:00
    How do I make reservations for lunch July 18? Neither phones accept calls. Janette
  • Reviewed by: bburge77  on: 2017/12/25 11:44:34
    I love your food but it's difficult trying new items that I haven't ordered before from the Ho Chow menu. You have some great pics of your food on your site but it would serve you better to label them with the name of the dish. I can pick out food by the picture if it looks like something I want, but I need to know the name to do so. Maybe in the future you would consider adding a pic link next to each dish? An example: General T'sao's Chicken is different everywhere you go. In particular it would be helpful to know if the meat is battered and fried or sautéed. A nice pic would answer that question. Thank you!
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